AMI #3

While the idea of using augmented reality to enhance or advertise a certain concept or product is certainly not a new one as discussed in Chris Grayson’s online article ‘Augmented Reality Overview’, what I find rather surprising is how the technology, which was once a novelty that the everyday person would find only when using a video game, has become so ingrained into everyday life in such a seamless way.

While the technology has been used within the military world for training purposes for quite some time, it is only recent where an everyday citizen can easily engage with this technology as well. Grayson cites several examples such as virtual hair styling sites, trying on jewelry online and organising your living room in a furniture store. What has surprised me is the way in which the technology has filtered into our lives. It has entered society almost seamlessly. There has been no real explosion of augmented reality technology like there was with the introduction of 3D technology into the living room. Companies have added augmented reality options onto their websites and into their stores as if it was just another advertisement or test drive or catalogue or selling point – which, I suppose, it is.

While the technology has clearly infiltrated everyday life, I am curious to see where it will lead to in the future. Grayson states that “We’re moving in this direction at exponential speed, the pace of progress is only going to keep moving faster”. Augmented Reality has already affected our sense of sight and to some extent touch with motion capture technology such as the Nintendo Wii, how soon will it be until we are able to perceive taste as an Augmented Reality? Will we one day be able to eat or taste food without ever having to ingest it? While it does seem like this is the way that technology is headed, it seems that only time will tell.


Grayson, Chris (2009) ‘Augmented Reality Overview’, GigantiCo <> Accessed: 28th March 2011

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